A Specter Between Our Sheets

The Specter Between Our Sheets


Darkness subsides as
A strike of a lighter
Blinds our eyes.




Breathe out.
The smoke obscures
Thoughts a while

Your hands fall away from mine.
Between our sheets, He sits,
Cuddling our nude frames.

I begged you once.
Your touch will leave a scar.
No mind you paid.
For you had laid your claim.

Now you say my skin is too familiar.
Memories of the past distract our bliss.
A visage hangs upon me like cursed mists.

I am all those things my lover. I am
Moonlit swims naked in rivers near
The tree where our lips first embraced.

Our love was friendship.
Do you see me?
Why do you want the world
To stay as it is?
Recognition wrings shame
Through your tired eyes.

Touch me on my nose.
Do you feel my breasts?
Can we find love in echoes of past pain?
Please hold me my friend.
Let this spirit rest.
Let this spirit rest.

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