Frenzied Flock

Frenzied Flock


Pestilence erupts
Violently through
Our judge’s throats.
Gleefully, they declared
Downpours of acidic excretion
To bathe pale, sagging skin.

Intermixes with grease,
Bubbling sludge
Through a shit-stained
Intestinal track.

Hands are bound,
Devoutly in prayer.
Coarse rope lies knotted.
Comfort corrupts.
So kneel. Bow low
With worship as duty.
Grape-squished knees
Conform to marbled
Pressure. Holy halls
Burst with angelic trumpets.

Bask in righteous light.
Sacrificial streams lead
The battle-wearied home.
Promised pastures bear fruit.
They take as they would.

“Others,” they said, “lacked conviction,
Spreading seed as fodder.
Never could mindless eyes,
Animals or vermin understand.
This truth bears weight.
Such burdens lie with
The victorious.”

Even now rain
Wipes stoned etchings.
Whore tongues
Splatter pleasantries;
Shepherds don medals,
Ribbons, rifle, and flame.
Butchers are extolled by the flock.

Beware foxes, beware.
Your cubs forfeit Summer hides.
Your hidey-holes no longer
Serve you sanctuary.
Perish ancient grove;
Perish brittle flicker
Of greying vessel.

Should venom mark
Rage through New Disciples.
Dip their hearts within Styx water,
And Hell will therein follow.
Salvation scribbles
Across sinful veins
Never to bear loved fruit.

Anger justifies merciless theft.
Heaven’s Horn waits as mine to call.

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