Glass Paradise

Glass Paradise


Do differences discomfort your delicate
Existence, like a tiny crack in glassed paradise?
Worry not child of green pastures.
Discrepancies self correct.

My future harbors splatters of dusty-blood
Caked upon a sidewalk. Ownership
Falls upon the surface like Autumn’s barrage,
Weightlessly offering nothing more than a ripple.
The tool holds no life, so blame evades.

Children of the internet create companionship
In dark cells and cramped edges.
Sparks of electricity begotten before birth offer
Lies, lies, lies.
Always accountability dissipates.
Old money takes shelter behind institutions,
And uniforms with tools harboring no blame.
Life lives not behind the eyes of a hammer.
Life lives not behind static, screen-washed bowls
Brimming with salty, dark water.

Keep your family of glossy skin.
Porcelain dolls shatter with a drop,
I will take my chances of those cast
In brimstone and burning pitch. We few,
Who took the role of God and captain.

Ours are fate-weavers, warrior-kin,
A desecrated guild with nothing,
Save a desire for the taste of
Glassed paradise.

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