Barbed blessings twist threaded
Truth. Cherry stains virgin lips
As hope harbors our hearts still.

Still, carved cave remains underfoot,
Unburdened. I would scribe runic texts
To cast understanding and rid hurt;
To place fellowship over demand
Of the body—of the heart.
If only to make myself clear.

Never again shall I fear.
Fiends awaken; we children of Hades.
Foul-stench dribbles from spoiled cassocks.
Tie violence to God to State to Us.
Shattered flint rock falls from blind fools
Attempts at reaching horded gold.

Never again shall I bleed.
Should ever this skin
Thin to shades of ghostly white.
No blade will I blame—none.
Sweet strawberry wine would rot
A motley mold to entrench false tongues.
Venomous froth to cry out for all death.

Seek forgiveness no more.
Corruption marks all eyes once familiar.

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