Hands loll in position, clicking in place dramatically.
Quick kicking days jolt my sore eyes awake.
Fingertips tap the table with a bumble bee beat.
Worn veins pulse as an autumn morning—crisp.

Lies wait to offer solace in monotony.
A few hits of celestial rays get my legs
Making moves, burning the ground.
Quench this fire in my mouth.

Take anything you want from me.
I was destined for ash, sooner or later.
You came on strong, but I held on tight.
Our sweat crackled through neon lights

Just for the night, I’ll be whatever
You want. These feet tend to split
Once the weight’s thrown, so you gotta lead.

Promise me New York;
We’ll make plans for Berlin.
Quell your guilt; my life
Expectations were never high,
A warm bed and a lovely lie.

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