Hollow Gold

Hollow Gold

Crimson gold flakes from my fingers
Against a sharpened steel hedge.
Ever they threaten to enclose.

I follow dimly lit paths 
Of precious stones. Rubies, 
Emeralds and opals litter ivory streets.

My home above ignores these cries,
Pleas and prayers echoing 
Within a hollowed frame.

Who dares whisper through iron brambles?
Deceitful creatures. I owe them
Nothing save intentional ignorance.

I do not trust these hands.
They beckon to another’s will.
A sinister mistress whispers lullabies near.

If I were to lower my head
Before the stars,
They would turn away sadly.

A trail of golden light 
Retells a life of
Another hollow child.

Never were we destined
To tread this trail forever.

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