There’s a secret in this valley.
Stained within the soil. 
No man should touch.

The trees fail to grow.
They stare with halted breath.
The wind has yet to roll herself
Through my outstretched limbs.
I fear I will never grow old.

I’ve been Chained to this land 
By an ancient hand.
Tethered my soul forever more.

I tried counting the days,
But they flew away.
To remember your face,
Is a losing game.
It already fades.
So, upon my skin I
Carved your name.

I remember the night 
You had begged me to stay.
I should have listened
You begged me to stay.

I thought I had wandering feet,
And a destiny to seize.
But my feet are cut.
My fate is sealed.
Cursed from birth,
To tend this grove till all dying days.

My mind still wanders
Back to the years I missed.
The lips I once kissed.
If there is a life beyond
This. I will never know.

Tell me,
Did you wait?
Did you look at the stars
In your passing days,
And wonder if I ever were to return?
Whisper my name in the ear of another.

Do your sparks still fly?
Or did the years catch up?
Am I dreaming or have I revived?
There’s a scent in the air of
Your sweat under our sheets.
For once loneliness offers no rebuke.
I do not wish to forget you
And still your face fades.

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