Far from the trees and mountains of stone.
Beyond emerald seas and dreams untold,
Lies an island, which Ancients once called home.

Sun-cracked men toiled with sand and with clay,
And with songs of worship for Gods of old.
Monuments rose above sea from stone.

Yet, the roots of man stretch ever away.
Unmatched in hammer, their work was bold,
Carving the ocean’s currents into a new home.

Songs and cries grew louder from night till day.
A pleasurable chorus of squeaks and trills,
Echoed from songbirds, whose nests lied within stone.

Men are strong, but the sea stays.
Unravaged by age, She takes ahold
Of sand and of clay, and of men and their homes.

Across the Emerald seas lies,
Ancient ruins left uncontrolled.
Men, beast, tree, and root now stand as petrified stone,
Yet, the songs once sang still echo from nested home.

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