A New Morning

A New Morning


Hear my plea, Oh timeless Queen.
For I had fallen into a feverish sleep.
Delirious state paired with futile means
Of days crashing like passing winds that weep.
I had drunk the serpent’s vile poison.
To cleanse the empty skin not chosen.

A twisting, dark dagger taken to heart
Tattered skin stripped from ivory bone.
A chance, perhaps, to shed this withered part?
Alas, gaunt faced and ghastly, Truth did show.
With calming song, she nearly grasped my arm.
No. Quickly, I woke away from harm.

Once, these sundering seas were to be my home,
Yet this scarred path lies upon seeds I had sown.
A temple beyond the forest, empty of worship.
Firefly lit field, littered of Druid’s ancient julep
Spurning within me, a spark I once knew.
Atop an altar, beneath countless flickering eyes, I flew.

One last time, a blasphemous blade I will wield.
The blood I pour shall nourish this field.
Alone as a wight wailing within their barrow.
Only through pain can I awake from shadow.
No longer I wander through darkness and decay.
Light take me. Anew will be the day.

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